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Lifo is a versatile, innovative platform engineered to enhance your business and support creatives in all facets of the brand-building process.

Turn your creativity into business

Creativity Comes to Life

Through a network of reliable manufacturers and suppliers, Lifo is your direct contact to production sourcing and development to fulfill all of your merchandising needs. We will help transform your designs into tangible, high-quality products true to your vision and available to sell directly to the consumers.

Fully Automated Operations

With direct access to ready to assist specialists, the use of cutting-edge technology, and premium supplier alliances, Lifo is a one-stop solution to help foster the growth of all creative endeavors, and empower your brand’s full potential.

Boost Business Through Community

Our e-commerce experts are here to help manage your shop, logistics and inventory so that you have more time to focus on your craft.

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Our troupe of tech-savvy developers, designers, engineers, and social media mavens, are highly distinguished individuals who have all proven themselves in their respective fields. Backed by a first rate education and unparalleled skill sets, this dream team is here to help foster the success of your business.

By providing access to a robust network of premium suppliers and entry into a community of like-minded creators, Lifo is a one-stop solution to help foster the growth of your influencer-driven business. Let us be the guiding star that will enable you to create a brand that is 100% your own.

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