Influencer Marketing Campaigns Powered by Lifo

We Simplify Influencer Marketing for You,
with the Powerful Tool

Lifo takes over the heavy-lifting tasks with AI-driven technology, such as recommending high-quality influencers that match with your brand and generating industry-proven collaboration agreement.

You Take 100% Control of All Influencer Campaigns, with Our Experts' Full Support

We understand it's your brand and product, and you want to take control of the influencer marketing campaigns, like setting up the requirements and reviewing the content. We are here to help, with the right tool and our marketing expertise.

You Invest Little, Get High ROI, and the Sucess Can be Easily Scaled

You can grow your business rapidly with effective influencer marketing campaigns and achieve exceptional brand images, impressions, and sales compared with traditional ads campaigns. Lifo leverages AI technology to help you work with the right influencers, reduce operational overhead and launch influencer marketing at a large scale. We are here to help!

Eric Lew

Head of Marketing at a Shopify coffee store 

Working with influencers has never been so easy for me. Actually, both I and the influencers are very happy because we can talk less and do more. Thanks to Lifo!

Mary Jones

Business Owner at a Bay Area Restaurant

This is the first time I try to leverage influencer marketing as part of the marketing efforts. Lifo has been guiding me throughout the process and the ROI is impressive!


We Make Influencer Marketing Smart and Efficient

Your Influencer Marketing Can Be
High ROI, Low Overhead, and Scalable