Capitalize on These Instagram Features For Your Business’s Growth


When it comes to special features and services social media platforms for influencer marketing offer, Instagram has definitely got the other apps beat. Whether it is increasing engagement rates, driving sales, or strengthening brand identity, Instagram has got you covered. Read this blog to learn about the features to boost your small business today.

Why Use Instagram For Your Business?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and every small business should consider using the platform. From gathering insights to selling products, Instagram keeps rolling out tools to help business owners succeed on the photo-sharing social media platform. It's not too late to join and become successful on Instagram. With the right marketing strategy, businesses can promote products and services, boost their brand, and increase sales on Instagram. Here is everything you need to know about using it to market your business.

Leverage These 9 Features to Boost Your Business 8 Instagram Features

  • Use Instagram Shopping For Better Conversion

After many trials and beta tests with multiple different features in the Instagram Shop, the Shop today has expanded to encompass so many different services: from shoppable posts (product tags) to Instagram Checkout, Instagram Shop is the perfect and ultimate tool to either launch your small business and help it gain brand exposure or maintain your customers’ engagement. The “Explore” page available to sellers using the Instagram Shop is also a bonus feature on this app as it randomly generates a feed of various content for both you and other customers to browse through at your own convenience. Divided into many categories and industries, simply tap on the topic that you want to explore and possibly get inspiration from and have at your fingertips access to countless varieties of content.

  • Link in Bio For More Information

An Instagram classic, the link in bio feature allows any brand to attach a link in their bio located in their business’s profile. Because it was one of the first and most well known features to Instagram, it is super easy to find and promote as well. When uploading a new post to Instagram, simply mention that more information could be found at the “link in bio,” which can serve to drive conversion rates as well. The best news of all is that there are many free tools available on the internet now that make the most of this link in bio feature, such as Linktree which is a super link that directs customers to a page with more links to other resources related to your business and its products.

  • Engage With Your Audience Through Instagram Live

Want to build a connection with your audience? Instagram Live is perfect for doing so. A livestream tool that notifies your followers when you hop on the camera live, use this feature to create genuine discourse around your brand. This could also be a great time to make new announcements, updates, and essentially just have a candid conversation with devoted customers and audience members around your brand’s current whereabouts. Take a look at Revolve, who uses Instagram Live to create regular events, Q&A sessions, and other ways for customer interaction.

After your Live is over, it can also always be saved (or archived, essentially) to your Instagram Story Highlight so both existing or new followers can view it at their own convenience.

  • Gift Cards & Food Orders For Your Restaurant

  • Gift Cards

In response to COVID-19, Instagram has devised a way to support small businesses in the food and restaurant industry. Restaurants or food vendors now have an option to sell gift cards in their business profile. Located right after the “Contact” and “Message” tabs on the account, the “Gift Card” option allows the business to sell redeemable vouchers in the app.

  • Food Orders

The new rollout of the Food Orders option allows businesses in the hospitality sector to

offer customers a direct way of ordering their food through various delivery services such as UberEats, Grubhub, Doordash, Seamless, Postmates, and more.

  • Spice Up Your Channel With IGTV

Launched just a few years ago, IGTV gives every Instagram user the option of posting a longer and higher quality video either to their feed or in a separate tab dedicated to IGTV posts on their profile. For businesses, what this means is an opportunity to advertise and promote “showcase style” -- as this is an outlet to be more transparent and communicative about your brand, some ideas for IGTV could be interviews, tutorials, short documentaries on the “process,” and many more. Video marketing is often an overlooked tool in influencer marketing: the brands who have used IGTV have seen huge success. Even better, IGTV video descriptions are able to store clickable links! This means that for every IGTV video posted, customers no longer have to be directed to the traditional link in bio anymore as everything is available to them all in one post. Take a look at SilkFred, which shares quick styling tutorials on its IGTV channel, all shot vertically on a mobile phone.

  • Test Your Creativity With Instagram Reels

A recent release of Instagram’s, Instagram Reels adds a creative flare to your brand’s marketing. The feature allows users all over to post 15 second videos (in a vertical mobile phone format) that can be customized all you want with stickers, transitions, and other cinematic tools. Simply record the video the same way as an Instagram Story, and spice it up with their AR effects and enhancement tools to make your Reel as professional or casual as you want.

  • Keep Them Hooked With These Stickers: Polls, Sliders, Q&A’s, Quizzes, & Countdown

Ever since its rollout in 2016, Instagram Stories has been a game-changing tool in marketing. With its constant new updates to its collection of Story stickers and other engagement methods, Instagram has provided brands and creators alike with a shorter, more casual mode of sharing -- but with potentially more engagement rates. From polls to countdown stickers to even customizable quizzes, here are just a few Instagram stickers that could really drive your small business’s growth:

  • Polls & Sliders: An excellent way of gauging customers’ interest and feedback, use this tool to reach high engagement levels.

  • Quizzes: Use this tool to build your own quizzes and “test” your customers! Include questions on product launch, news updates, and general events happening for your brand to inform your audience base on what’s coming up next.

  • Q&A’s: This is perhaps the most direct way of hearing from your customers. Send a question out to your followers and have them leave their feedback and questions for your to answer!

  • Countdowns: Promote a special event or release of a new collection of products with this countdown tool. This is an excellent way to keep your customers informed while also building anticipation for any new launches or news to your brand.

  • Store Your Memories On Instagram Story Highlights

Another Instagram classic, Story highlights are essentially an archive of the most memorable moments for your brand. What’s great about this feature is that it’s highly customizable, and you can name and organize each highlight based on a topic or category. Some ideas could be behind-the-scenes work, major events or conferences, and sneak peaks of what’s going on! See below for how these brands decided to take advantage of Story highlights to increase traffic to their page:

  • Stay On Track With Pinned Comments

Last but not least, the latest rollout of Instagram’s features is the pinned comment tool. Instagram users are now able to select their favorite or top comment and “pin” it to their comments section so it remains at the top. This is a great way for new customers or followers to catch up to the conversation and diverts attention back to genuine discourse.


As Instagram is tirelessly improving and expanding the features available to its platform, it is essential for businesses and brands to stay up to the date with their news. Instagram is full of tools and features to help your business grow, strengthen its identity, and build brand awareness! There’s never been a better time to get started.

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