Holiday Season: Win the Battle with Influencer Marketing

With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to consider what kinds of strategies to use to tackle this year’s holiday season. However, with the presence of a pandemic still looming over us this year, this time is undoubtedly going to be different from previous years -- now more than ever, brands are going to need a smarter strategy to combat the worries around shopping during a pandemic.

Brands are actively strategizing how to beat last year’s sales by devising new advertising strategies that are quick, efficient, and creative! This is where influencer marketing comes in. More and more companies are turning to this tool to witness their growth like never before.

Why Should You Use Influencer Marketing For The Holiday Season?

If you haven’t heard about influencer marketing for your brand yet, you’re definitely missing out. Partnering with social media influencers can be a smart and cost-effective tool to not only reach your target audience but also gain lots of brand exposure. Influencer marketing helps brands get across to new audiences, reach high engagement rates, and turn new buyers to devoted customers by the end!

As social media becomes a more integrated part of our lives, influencer marketing has exploded. People are turning to their favorite Instagram models, Twitter personalities and YouTube stars for advice and recommendations on purchasing decisions. These influencers are trusted by millions of consumers, and marketers are paying attention. It turns out 86% of them used influencer marketing since last year, and budgets for influencer marketing are skyrocketing (Digital Marketing Institute).

In this blog, we’re showing you 6 tips on how to create the best no-stress holiday influencer marketing campaigns for you and your brand:

Nail Your Holiday Campaigns With These 6 Easy Tips

1. Create a Holiday Brand Ambassador Team & Find the Right Influencers

With size comes strength; this rule can help your brand reach a number of audience like never before. In our social-media-focused world, brand ambassadors can be a valuable resource. These people promote your product or service to their existing audience, allowing them to reach an entire pool of customers that may be otherwise hard to tap into. The holidays generate no shortage of celebrity brand ambassadors in marketing campaigns throughout the world.

Settling on the perfect influencer to partner with is also critical to your campaign’s success. When scoping out potential partners, make sure that their audience base aligns with your company’s target audience. This guarantees that the campaign will gain exposure to the right audience and ultimately optimize its reach. With so many different platforms and niche communities for influencers nowadays, we understand this may perhaps be the most daunting leg of the journey. Lifo is here to help, however. Lifo takes over the heavy-lifting tasks with AI-driven technology, such as recommending high-quality influencers that match with your brand and generating industry-proven collaboration agreement. Visit our Lifo Solution to learn more and get started!

2. Be the Trend: Make the Hashtag Your Own

What better way to stand out amongst other brands by creating your own campaign hashtag or movement? Creating some sort of personalized touch to your holiday campaign can be a neat trick to promote your posts. A lot of marketers use this strategy, and so can you.

For example, the shopping app,, uses the #ltkholidaywishlist hashtag to showcase products for holiday shopping. The hashtag is used by the large number of influencers that the brand collaborates with. The influencers showcase the products on their holiday wishlist and then provide a link to the app with details on how to shop the products.

In 2017, Marc Jacobs also used this tactic to focus solely on promoting their new “Daisy” fragrance. The brand collaborated with several influencers to use the campaign-specific hashtag “#MJDaisy” to garner online attention.

The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your campaign -- just make sure it’s recognizable and screams you.

3. Stories, Stories, Stories

Let’s face it. It’s two weekends before the big holiday and you’ve procrastinated your holiday shopping this year. Fear not though for diamonds are made under pressure -- (we can scrap the other part of the saying). As more and more buyers turn towards social media to look for the latest trends and what products to get their loved ones for the holidays. Imagine you’re sitting on Instagram on the couch next to the fireplace and you stumble across a brand’s Story highlighting their latest holiday collection products. The comments on their posts are full of positive reviews, and you think you may even see a familiar face - one that your family members always raves about - on the brand’s account.

This is the power of Instagram advertising; Instagram Stories provides an even better channel for quick and accessible product and store information. Brands, use this as an opportunity to get creative with your Stories. Spice them up with different filters, customize it with your brand’s own style guide, and save it to your Highlights and watch it soar! Amongst all the different gadgets available to us on Instagram today, Stories is by far one of the most overlooked. Capitalize on this casual and quick feature and watch your engagement catapult.

4. Schedule it All Out

This might be an obvious one, but as a brand you’ll need to plan out every step --

especially given the time we’re in now. decide on the dates that you would like to run your campaigns and which platforms you will be working with. When are your customers most likely to purchase from you during the holiday period? Use this as a starting point for setting your campaign dates. You may like to plan an Advent calendar style campaign throughout December as a fun way to build up to the day itself, or leverage key shopping dates around Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don’t forget to outline how you will measure your success on each of your chosen platforms.

5. The Holidays Are All About Giving

Another brilliant idea, true to holiday character, is incorporating giving - or an act of love -

in your influencer campaign! What we mean by this is to incentivize: your audience will feel more inclined to purchase your product if it’s going to a good cause. Do some research and donate or help out to a cause that speaks to your brand in particular.

Consumers think of the holidays as a special time that generates warm, positive feelings and memories. Offering them a feel-good experience, like donating to a good cause with each purchase of an item, creates a positive association with the brand. Your influencers can also promote special holiday events and experiences like pop-up shops, interactive events, test drives and tastings to their followers. They can appear at the events, generating even more content and interest in the product and connecting with consumers.

6. Track Your Success

Lastly, don’t forget to watch the results of your campaign! Figure out how exactly your

brand performed by setting in a few goals and success metrics (to measure them by). We use the term “ROI” in influencer marketing: ROI is used to see if a campaign’s returns on an investment are positive or negative, or whether or not the brand profited within its campaign. It is viewed as a percentage of each dollar invested into the campaign that could yield a profit. Use the following formula when calculating an ROI:

ROI = (Profit - Investment) / Investment x 100

For additional calculations around more specific measurements like post engagement and conversion rate, please visit Lifo: How to Calculate ROI to learn more.

Putting It All Together

As more and more brands jump onto the influencer marketplace, the need to declutter and streamline a dynamic strategy is becoming ever more important. With the right influencer partnership, and some research and thought into the messaging of your campaign this year, your brand should be in shape for this season. Start early, stick to your schedule, and work step-by-step, and you’ll be in the perfect position for a successful holiday influencer marketing campaign.

How Can Help

Still have concerns about honing in on your campaign during these unprecedented times? Lifo’s got your back. Lifo takes over the heavy-lifting influencer marketing tasks with AI-driven technology, such as recommending high-quality influencers that match with your brand and generating industry-proven collaboration agreement. leverages AI technology to help you work with the right influencers, reduce operational overhead and launch influencer marketing at a large scale. To put it short -- we are here to help you!

Learn more about our solution by requesting a quickdemotoday. We're excited to have you on board with us!

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