How to Leverage Small Influencers for Your Shopify Store’s Content Creation


While many are probably already familiar with the concept behind influencer marketing, not many know the term “influencer-generated content.” Though the name is pretty self-explanatory, influencer-generated content has proven time and time again that it is the key to success in any influencer marketing campaign. The name speaks for itself: influencer generated content (IGC) is simply content that is presented in the context of lifestyle, and the influencer for your campaign echoes the sentiment to your target audience. For e-commerce business owners, leveraging IGC in their online stores can also rack in more sales and even revolutionize their store’s image. Read on to find out the benefits behind IGC and how to leverage influencers, especially micro-influencers, in content creation for your e-commerce store.

The Benefits of Influencer-Generated Content

No More Hassles

Influencer generated content takes the headache and complications out of the influencer marketing space: nuisances like legal risks will no longer be a challenge while your transparency and control over the variables in your campaign will increase as well. It also enlarges your budget as there would be no more need to create content internally.

Boost Your Transparency

With IGC, however, it puts influencers in the driver’s seat regarding creativity and content creation. They are given the freedom to create content with their own voices without external monitoring which, in this day and age, will turn out to be more successful as it establishes an authentic brand image. You can distinguish IGC from traditional influencer marketing (that relies on brand-created content) in a variety of ways:

  • Influencers create their own promotions based on their own individual experiences with your company and its product/service -- they take their own images to add authenticity to the campaign.

  • Your company is paired with influencers who have an audience base that match your specific needs.

  • The campaign is easily scalable as your company grows and develops.

Working With Influencers

You are essentially using an influencer’s “in-context” content to show what your store offers to the public. The steps to this process, therefore, are quite simple:

  1. Set content guidelines.

  2. Find the right influencer.

  3. Get them on board.

Content Guidelines

As the entire point behind influencer generated content lies in the creative freedom it holds, be sure that your guidelines are simply there to assist the influencer and set the grounds for them to build off of. Always look to your brand and its core message when establishing these guidelines and understand your buyer persona inside out. Keep your guidelines minimal with the following:

  • Product proposition and positioning: what your product is and what makes it different than its competitors

  • Brand description: reiterate your brand’s core message here

  • A moodboard to help the influencer get started

Find the Right Influencer

Take advantage of the tools already offered on various social media platforms when looking for your influencer. Micro-influencers are especially easier to find as with the click of a search button, your brand can view innumerous micro-influencers that align with your message. The “suggested for you” feature that Instagram offers can also be highly convenient as the platform algorithm recommends the best micro-influencers for you based on your already-liked content and who you follow.

Pitch the Idea

Think of this last step as a short sales process: you contact the influencer, agree on a rate with them, and help them on board. Share with them your brand’s message, buyer persona, and their guidelines and mutually negotiate a process and timeline of the work to be done. Keep in mind, though, that many business owners choose to handle the uploading or posting of the content on their own as timing is one of the biggest factors in optimizing IGC. If you feel that this is your case as well, be sure to let your influencer know so they can simply send in their content once they’re complete and are good to go!


Micro-influencers are a definite game-changer when it comes to influencer marketing, especially for e-commerce and Shopify business owners. As more and more consumers desire authentic content and genuine advertising, using micro-influencers to create unique IGC for your Shopify store will strengthen your brand identity and foster a stronger relationship with your target audience. We wish you the best of luck in creating the best content for your business.

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