Influencer Marketing at Scale

You always want to be able to grow and adapt your marketing efforts with your growing business. The more avenues you begin to explore in marketing and advertising, the more effort goes into managing all the moving parts. Whether it be social media, print marketing, or sales campaigns, the more ways you can find to automate your marketing tasks, the more time you have to focus on growth and big picture initiatives.  There are a wide variety of CRM tools out there to help you manage most of the tasks that come with marketing, but Lifo.Ai has created one of the first tools of its kind that helps you manage the people side of your marketing - your influencer. This blog aims to answer your questions when it comes to scaling your influencer strategy - 

“How many Influencers should I start with?”

Rarely do you see brands working with only one or two influencers at a time. Many established organizations see the immense value brought by utilizing influencers, and bring on dozens if not hundreds of influencers onto their team. Businesses can even work with thousands of influencers at once to tap into new markets, improve brand awareness, or increase global sales.

“What type of Influencers should I use”

Oftentimes businesses see the best value with micro influencers. These are influencers who have a few thousand incredibly loyal followers, and they yield a higher return and engagement rate. But in order to successfully have a campaign that properly utilizes micro-influencers and reaches your target audience, you may need to use hundreds or even thousands of these influencers. It is difficult to automate this process because you are dealing with actual humans on the other end of the line. When choosing hundreds or thousands of influencers, takes the hours and hours of research and guesswork out of your decision making. Our AI driven technology can recommend high-quality influencers within your industry that are on brand, and can reach your audience easily and effectively, eliminating the need for your organization to spend hours researching and interviewing influencers.

“How can I communicate with thousands of influencers at once?”

Finally, now you have your army of influencers chosen it’s time to put them to work. Passing out assignments, creating collaboration agreements and communicating with hundreds of influencers can quickly become overwhelming if done manually. It can be almost impossible to sort through hundreds (or thousands) of pieces of content created to ensure it is done in a timely manner, and the quality is on brand for your business. The platform makes it easy to set up requirements, review content, and communicate with your influencers instantly, cutting the need for your marketing team to spend hours managing this new branch of your marketing team. 

“How much insight do I have into my influencer campaign?”’s robust dashboard allows you to track campaign performance in detail across all platforms, so you can make adjustments to your influencer marketing strategy in real time, changing your metrics like minimum number of impressions, likes, cost per like (CPL), cost per engagement (CPE) in order to get the best ROI. We give you visibility into all your influencers and their content at all times, allowing your influencers strategy to be dynamic and adaptable to all platforms they work on. After all, your influencers could be on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, you name it! Influencers that are active across all social platforms often get the most exposure for your business or product.

“Okay, I am ready to learn more”

Managing a team of hundreds or even thousands of influencers doesn’t have to be overwhelming for a company of any size. When creating, we made sure to think through everything an organization would need to manage their end to end influencers strategy. From helping you choose the best influencers for your brand using AI, to creating collaboration agreements and managing content and payments, is your end-to-end solutions platform when managing influencers at scale. 

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