Step Up Your Instagram Game With These 9 Tips


Instagram is without a doubt the largest social media platform in the U.S. today -- and it shows no stop of growth. According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, out of 1 billion daily active users on the app, 200 million check at least one business account daily. However, the catch is that there are 25 million business accounts on Instagram, meaning that the playing field for these accounts are always highly competitive with the ones without a well-planned strategy eventually getting squeezed out. However, with just a little brainstorming, you can set yourself up for success in the future with these simple tips on growing your platform and strengthening your public presence:

Tips to Grow Your Instagram Platform Organically

Any influencer marketer knows that every campaign must first start out with a couple of goals. We discussed setting up the perfect goals and tracking their progress with the right success metrics in our first blog, "How to Set Up A Killer Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign."

Follow this table for some essential starting out goals and a couple of their success metrics:

With a goal in mind, it is time to move onto some tips. Keep these in mind as the smallest detail can have a lasting effect on your social media presence and your platform. Between understanding your audience well and playing your cards right, use these tips to help you navigate a stronger Instagram presence in your influencer journey in the future.

Know Your Audience

  • Hit your target: Know that Instagram filters your top content on your feed based on what you interact the most with. By default, this means that your closest friends and family’s content would appear at the top of your news feed. However, if you want to expand your feed and see greater lengths to it, interact with the content you like more and you should soon see it appear in your Explore page and news feed regularly.

  • Instagram also filters posts by “relevance,” which ultimately manifests into the users who post most often getting the top spot in each refreshed news feed. Therefore, if you want as many of your followers to be able to see your content, make sure to post consistently so Instagram can sort your posts to the top of the pile.

  • Optimal times: Use Instagram Insights (you must have a business account beforehand, however) to help you build a comprehensive buyer persona for your Instagram followers and discover the most active times of your followers. This way, you can schedule its posts based on your audience base’s activity levels, and maximize engagement levels this way.

Play Smartly

Perhaps the most evident way to grow or enhance your Instagram platform is by maximizing engagement levels amongst your followers. Knowing when to play which card when it comes to Instagram is highly crucial and can make or break your Instagram game. Here are a couple tricks to take advantage of when brainstorming ideas for doing so:

  • Increase engagement with Instagram Stories: This might be an obvious one, but Instagram Stories are particularly useful when it comes to posting updates, news, and making general announcements. Match your Instagram Stories to your brand’s theme or aesthetic by investing some time in designing them: websites like Canva or Venngage already have a separate template library dedicated to Instagram Stories and are definitely worth taking a look.

  • Instagram Live: Keep your followers up to date by going live! Release exciting news, debut a new series, collection, or whatever you have in the works for your following through this livestream tool. Make sure to promote your livestreams on your Stories, regular posts, and save them to your Story highlights so they can always be looked back on.

  • IGTV: IGTV, or Instagram TV, is the perfect way for more cinematic creators to communicate with the world. This feature is ideal as it leaves the creative freedom totally in the hands of the influencer, so as long as the video is no longer than a minute. Otherwise, the tool is all yours to experiment with!

  • Hashtags: Stay up to date with new Instagram trends by using hashtags when it comes to your posts or Stories. This also gives you a chance of reaching other potential audience members as anyone with an Instagram account who happens to follow or search the hashtag you use can come across your post and even become a part of your following.

  • Contests & Giveaways: This is a classic method to keep your followers’ anticipation and interest high. Depending on the size of your platform and available resources, make an effort to host contests and giveaways, taking advantage of the opportunity to show your platform who you are and the message you seek to put out in the products you giveaway or the campaign you host.

  • User-Generated Content: This last tip will help you revamp your platform. User-generated content is the next big hit in the world of influencer marketing as it keeps your content fresh, unique, and your followers’ eyes will be the first ones to have seen your original content before it gets republished and shared throughout various networks. Create your original hashtag and have your followers follow it and add it to their posts to begin a channel of content unique to your platform only.

  • Regram Content: Regramming, or reposting, other Instagram creators’ content is another great way to increase your followers and build co-marketing relationships in the professional realm as well. Be sure to follow reposting etiquette, however, and always make sure the right creator or artist is given credit for their work. This also provides the opportunity to network as you reach out to various brands and creators in sharing their work to your platform and circles.


The intense competition on today’s Instagram beckons competitive game plans and high level strategies to maintain a seat for users’ attention. However, following these simple tricks will have you in the right playing field as you revamp your platform and bolster your audience base with original content and a brand unique to you only. We wish you the best of luck in your platform building journey.

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