The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing on YouTube


YouTube influencer marketing has slowly but steadily been gaining recognition as the perfect tool for targeting customers. Google knows this too, and reported that 70% of teenagers have indicated that they can relate much more to Youtube creators than traditional celebrities. As today’s consumers love influencers much more than they do A-list celebrities due to a more personal connection to them, or the authentic platform that they provide, YouTube influencers in particular have soared in popularity in recent years as they can be seen across magazine covers, prominent campaigns, television, and billboards. Many well known YouTubers have used the platform as their launchpad for the rest of their career as the recognition from their videos have allowed them to seek other creative endeavors in the movie, fashion, and beauty industries alike.

Why Should You Use YouTube For Influencer Marketing?

With 1.5 billion users using the platform every month, YouTube creators have the potential to reach as much recognition as traditional celebrities do once they acquire a massive subscriber base. Video creators usually have a highly engaged audience and a loyal fanbase so they are able to put out messages, product endorsements, or any other promotion that holds a lot of meaning to them that would ultimately be seen by many.

They say that Twitter is good for building conversations around your brand. Instagram is best for campaigns involving a physical product, and for building a following on social media. Snapchat is better for creating awareness. But if you really want to show off everything that your brand has to offer with your potential customers, YouTube is your best bet. Because YouTube differs from other popular platforms such as Instagram or Facebook in that it isn’t based off of randomly generated content, consumers tend to have stronger buying intentions when they look to YouTube for buying suggestions.

YouTube has proven to be the best platform for influencer marketing because it works on every part of the conversion funnel. It helps build an audience. It’s a highly-engaging visual medium, and its detailed format works like a charm to educate your customers about your products. So it also helps with customer acquisition. Additionally, the platform can offer a huge return on investment as making videos is now much more affordable. According to a Wyzowl study, 81% of businesses now believe in using videos as the optimal marketing tool. Take your business a step further and read on to find out more about leveraging this platform for your campaigns.

Types of YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • YouTube Marketing Product Placements

Perhaps the most common type of YouTube campaign, this involves incorporating a brand, product, or logo into a user’s video. By collaborating with a popular YouTube star to participate and advocate on behalf of their campaign, a brand can leverage the already highly-engaged audience of the YouTube influencer and ultimately benefit from the trusting relationship between them and their viewers.

An example of a marketing product placement campaign is Hallmark’s collaboration with the creators of WahlieTV (Wah and Weylie), to promote their stationery and greeting cards collection in an integrated vlog style YouTube video. This product placement turned out to be highly successful as the couple’s hundreds of thousands of subscribers looked to them for product recommendations, allowing the campaign to be a success in raising Hallmark’s brand awareness to over 100K engaged consumers with just one YouTube video.

  • Unboxing Videos

The name is self-explanatory for this one: YouTubers will sit down with their viewers and literally unbox what they’ve received in a package from a brand. In most cases, they will explore and try out the products on camera for the first time. This type of video is meant to be candid as the YouTuber is meant to see these products for the first time live in front of their viewers. Unboxing-style videos have now become a classic YouTube favorite as influencers’ subscribers enjoy witnessing the surprise element in them and seeing these products for the very first time alongside the YouTuber.

  • Tutorials, How-To’s, Demonstrations, & Guides

This type of video is also very common on YouTube as working with a popular YouTube influencer and their audience base in creating a tutorial or how-to guide to a new product is an ideal way for many companies, especially start-ups, to reach millions of audience members. As this type of campaign serves educational purposes, viewers are most likely to be very engaged with them, thus making this a very cost-effective way to reach a target audience and drive up engagement levels.

There are so many examples of “how-to” YouTube campaigns, but one that many YouTube users on the younger end of the spectrum will recognize is Primrose Makeup’s lifestyle centered channel and their popular life hack videos. In one of their most popular videos titled “Top 10 Weird College Life Hacks,” they not only provided their subscribers with entertaining yet useful advice but also introduced to them the brand thredUP, an online thrift store for reselling clothes for more affordable prices and in sustainable ways.

Challenges & Pitfalls to Avoid With YouTube Influencer Marketing

  • Setting Too Many Guidelines

Though it may be tempting to lay out the vision for your dream campaign for your YouTube influencer, remember that at the end of the day, the influencer is the one that knows and understands their audience the best. After many years of experience, rest assured that the influencer knows what kind of content their viewers would engage with and appreciate the most. Give them the freedom to be creative and experiment as interfering too much may actually make their final content appear ingenuine or fake. Don’t expect them to flat out advocate for your brand or product; instead, see this collaboration as a way of raising awareness about your brand and strengthening its identity.

  • Focusing Too Much on Functions & Features

This one goes hand and hand with the first one, but when setting the minimal guidelines for your influencer, be sure to take a step back and ask yourself whether or not the right focus is in place. What do the guidelines address? If your set of guidelines for your influencer stresses too much on the functions, benefits, and features of your product, be wary that this may manifest into seemingly over-commercialized or ingenuine content.

  • Budget & Timing

Another challenge that often comes with YouTube influencer marketing is the budget.

Whereas Instagram only entails devising creative ways in the form of posts and photography, video making is a time intensive and an expensive process. Be sure to organize your campaign’s budget clearly, and know what funds are going where before taking any initiative. As video making is an excruciatingly time consuming process as well, agree upon deadlines and an overall timeline for this project with your influencer. Meeting deadlines is just another component in helping maximize the investment made in this campaign.

3 Tips For Brands Who Want to Do Influencer Marketing on YouTube

  • Set Clear Campaign Goals

At its heart, YouTube influencer marketing is no different from any other type of marketing. The process starts out the same as any other campaign: setting clear campaign objectives, goals, and success metrics. Perhaps most importantly is communicating the campaign’s message clearly with the chosen influencer; this way, the essence of the campaign remains the same once it’s executed in the end.

  • Choose Relevance Over Reach

Numbers shouldn’t be the deciding factor when selecting the perfect influencer for your campaign. The same goes for any influencer marketing campaign on any social media platform: there is value in an influencer’s audience base other than just the size of their platform or following. Some things to look out for when making the initial search for your influencer is to look into the authenticity of their follower base, their average engagement rates across the board, and the content the influencer puts out that receives the most popularity. These are all more significant in the long run when considering how the influencer will help your YouTube campaign perform.

  • Engage With Your Influencers’ Followers

Your job doesn’t end once your influencer posts the finished video product on YouTube. This is only the start! Now is an opportunity to build conversations around your brand and your products or services. As a brand, it is a chance for you to listen to the feedback that is offered in the comments section.

Once the video is uploaded, try to start a conversation with the influencer’s followers by posting a comment that opens dialogue to feedback and starts a discussion around your product. An example would be, “We would be glad to answer any questions here in the comments,” or “We are open to any feedback you have about our campaign.” There will be several kinds of responses. You need to be savvy and engage with the comments from viewers. Answer their queries with sincerity.

A last trick is to then use these questions (and your answers) on various social channels such as your blog, Facebook, or even in an Instagram Story series. It will be a user-generated question and answer session, which can prove to be a very useful resource for your marketing teams and a savvy way to streamline all your social channels.


In the face of today’s influencer marketing industry, YouTube is often brushed over when considering the different types of campaigns you can conduct for your brand. However, with proper objectives, goals, and smart budgeting, this type of influencer marketing may just help your brand win that extra edge over competitors.

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